Discover the best Ongoing ICOs

From this Ongoing ICO list, you can easily find promising projects to invest in right away. We update our list regularly so that you can focus on research to find the best active ICO to invest in. Start exploring our list of active ICOs below and discover the most promising initial coin offering for year 2018. Keep in mind that this is the last phase of the token sale!

ZEON Network
DAO platform

New DAO Blockchain platform:minimising complexity and user's risk

Ends: 01 October 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: ETH + Custom blockchain Token: ZNC Country: Switzerland

The revolution of advertising transactions

Ends: 30 September 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: SaTT Country: USA

GAMB is a self-governed and decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce, driven by smart contracts, enhanced by open source development and empowered by the first Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain.

Ends: 31 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: GMB Country: Malta

QuickX is a novel protocol designed specifically to cure the many fatal flaws that plague Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies today.

Ends: 31 July 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: QCX Country: Malta

Blockchain For Sraring Economy

Ends: TBA – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: UCN Country: Canada
ENDO Protocol
Data verification

Certified Data Verification Protocol

Ends: 25 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: EToken Country: Singapore

The global freelance peer to peer ecosystem that shares revenue.

Ends: 15 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: LBR Country: Cayman Islands
Kryptono Exchange

A Cross-blockchain Crypto Exchange with P2P Fiat Conversion Function

Ends: TBA – whitepaper
Platform: Token: KNOW Country: International
Mobile gaming

Involve is the project, which enables users to earn via mining, while using mobile apps.

Ends: 01 September 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: IQO Country: Estonia

SurruS project is an innovative solution in the insurance industry based on blockchain technology.

Ends: 01 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Etherum Token: SURR Country: Estonia

Wixlar, the only Digital Currency offering more than 12 Services to the public as well as its own TV Broadcasting Channel 24/7 on

Ends: 30 June 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Wixlar Token: WIX Country: Cyprus

ZeCash, next gen 3.0 coin

Ends: 31 December 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: ZCH Country: UK
Deedcoin ICO
Real Estate

Deedcoin uses blockchain technology to tokenize and reduce real estate commissions down to 1% on the purchase or sale of any property

Ends: 31 December2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: Deed Country: United States


What is ongoing ICO?

Ongoing ICO (also called active ICO ) is the mainsale token phase. That means that this is the last phase of the crowdfunding where you can participate. After the token sale have been ended, tokens are distributed to investors. If you didn't participate you have to wait until the project hits exchanges. We have made this active ICO list so that you can use more time for researching promising projects.

How to participate ICO project?

First off, do a comprehensive research about the project you are interested about. We don't dive deeper here but it's prudent that you perform your OWN research to be certain that the ICO is a good project.

After you have made quality research and you are confident with participating in this active ICO, you should open fiat-accepting cryptocrurrency exchange to convert it to cryptocurrency like Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). Some of the projects accept fiat currencies as well. It's also essential that you download private wallet (e.g MyEtherWallet) as exchange wallets are unsuitable.

After you have done above you should follow step-by-step guide how to participate project on their website. Also, it is recommended to join their communication channels which is almost always Telegram. Here you can ask questions, help about participating or receive recent updates about the project. Keep in mind that before you invest any money, find risks and benefits about the project and do the proper research (due diligence) by yourself.

  • *Please note that all information is provided only for informational purposes and does not provide investment advice. It is important to do your own research