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About BitCanna

The BitCanna alliance – the collective of websites and canna-entrepreneurs already affiliated with BitCanna – boasts a total of over 10 million unique visitors every month. There are many businesses and organisations who therefore utilize and cooperate with BitCanna via their network of partners. This is down to the special care they have taken in their supply chain management and identity control functionality. Cannabis industry activities have long been viewed with suspicion. BitCanna prides themselves on being a trustworthy service with a proven track record. Their technological assurance of security has made it a reliable option in the newfound boom of the cannabis world.

Hundreds of seedbanks and cannabis dispensary organisations throughout Europe and further afield now use BitCanna. The decentralised and transparent regulation of BitCanna coins (BCNA) cuts out the middleman. Customers and merchants exchange directly with each other, while keeping extensive records should an audit ever be required. So not only is it a fast and easy-to-use service, it is adaptable to whatever legal changes may be coming down the line.

There is also assurance of good faith that all participating businesses can be reviewed, and thereby build a good reputation. Registered users are verified with ID while encrypting sensitive personal information. This is a check against currency manipulation and fake reviews of businesses. The unique BitCanna ID will allow you to engage in cannabis commerce without compromising your identity. There is even a mobile application for it, ensuring smooth, fast, and easy in-person transactions in stores. BitCanna has all the features needed to be a fixture of the cannabis industry for years to come. Already, Zamnesia, Cibdol (producer of top-quality CBD products), and the iconic Dutch coffeeshop chain Boerejongens have supported its development. The big names are ready. The question is, are you?


BitCanna PlatformFind the best offers from online shops and physical stores near you.

Shop & product reviewsReview shops and products and find trusted reviews by other consumers.

Supply chain transparencyFind out about the origin and quality of products.

Payment walletEasy to use the wallet for near-instant payments.

ID managementUpload your ID securely on the blockchain for easy verification at shops or cannabis clubs and to build a trustworthy reputation.

Technical Info

The first phase of the project is to create a decentralized payment network to solely serve the cannabis industry. The main goal is to provide an alternative payment solution for unbanked businesses that is more cost-efficient than the current payment options. This payment system will be built around the BitCanna token (BCNA) which is a digital currency that acts as a means of exchange and the unit of account on the BitCanna blockchain. The main net will go live directly after the ICO’s time limit is reached, November 1st 2018.

In the second phase of development the mainnet will be integrated with the supply chain layer. The BitCanna blockchain will be expanded with track and trace monitoring functionalities, allowing traceability of the entire supply chain of cannabis, and cannabis-related products. The main goal of phase two will be to create a more efficient supply chain network for businesses and simultaneously build more trust, as well as a new level of transparency within the cannabis industry.

In Phase 3 a trust and reputation layer will be integrated into the blockchain and a variety of applications will be developed on top of this layer. These applications will further incentivize the network, improve business efficiency and transparency, and better the customer experience.

Some practical examples of the applications are business analytical tools, inventory management and loyalty programs. Furthermore, a secure identity platform complementing a review and rating system will be developed for all partakers in the BitCanna network. BitCanna will provide a platform for all links in the supply chain, from farmer to end-consumer, to build the trustworthy reputation they deserve.

BitCanna ICO details and overview

ICO Start:

01 July 2018

ICO End:

31 December 2018




1 BCNA = $0,12




3 000 000 USD


20 000 000 USD


Custom Blockchain








Canada, Noord-Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, USA, Vanuatu and Yemen

ICO ends 14 October 2018

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