GAMB ICO overview

GAMB is a self-governed and decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce, driven by smart contracts, enhanced by open source development and empowered by the first Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain.

About GAMB

GAMB’s vision is to become the decentralized marketplace of the future, governed by smart contracts, and with no decision making entity other than the stakeholders. Only the Merchant Alliance members (token holders) will define rules and regulations, and program them into smart contracts, guaranteeing transparency, trust and sustainability.

A functional portion of the the proposed marketplace can be deployed within the next 12 months. Provided milestones will outlay full decentralization of the system afterwards. Advancement of blockchain technology will accelerate the transition to full decentralisation, which will be managed by an organization aligned with the vision of GAMB.

The objective is to start building the future of e-commerce today, without a negative impact on performance or user experience. This can only be achieved by carefully analyzing all components of a decentralized marketplace and successfully migrating to a blockchain environment.

The Challenge

The world is witnessing an unprecedented centralization of economic power by leading tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA). Presently, an astonishing 83% of all product searches start with either Amazon or Google. Every second book in the United States is sold via Amazon, who also controls the e-commerce infrastructure: globally more than 4 million merchants use the Amazon marketplace and underlying services as sales channel. This market dominating position allows Amazon to dictate prices and terms and conditions to use their services, factually subordinating merchants across the globe.

The Solution

Gambio has developed an intuitive all-in-one e-commerce solution. In more than 10 years, this open-source software has constantly been improved to solve our merchant’s needs. As of today, it is is very flexible and available as self-hosted and cloud version.

With its growing merchant base of more than 25,000 active online stores is in a unique position to lead the industry into a sustainable alternative to Amazon, based on open-source software powered by blockchain technology. We firmly believe that merchants need to be empowered in order to provide the best products and the best services to consumers.

The best alternative is a decentralized, organized marketplace which will in the future be controlled by merchants themselves. Decisions regarding features and services as well as cost and fee structures will not be forced upon merchants anymore. Instead, they will decide amongst themselves in a decentral autonomous organization (DAO).

GAMB ICO details and overview


Starts 04 July 2018

ICO Start:

01 August 2018

ICO End:

31 August 2018




1 GMB = 0.0002 ETH




5,000,000 USD


30,000,000 USD










Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Morocco, Nepal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen and United States.

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