Discover promising Upcoming ICOs

From this upcoming ICO list, you can find new upcoming cryptocurrencies. We update this list regularly so you can keep up with the most interesting upcoming coins to invest in. Start exploring our list below and discover the most promising Upcoming ICO 2018. If you find a potential project to take part in, remember to register their whitelist to be sure you have ability join to new ICOs!

celebrities, popularity, fans

GCOX is the world’s first platform that tokenises popularity by helping celebrities create their personal crypto tokens.

Starts: 08 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Own Blockchain Token: ACM Country: Singapore

Cannabis Blockchain Platform Powered by the Industry

Starts: 01 July 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Custom Blockchain Token: BCNA Country: Netherlands

Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work.

Starts: 21 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: QCO Country: Austria

The First Decentralized On-Tangle Provably Fair Casino & AI enhanced Sportsbetting Platform

Starts: 01 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: IOTA Token: WIT Country: Gibraltar
P2P Economy

WONO is a P2P platform for rentals and freelancing without taxation and currency exchange loss.

Starts: 01 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: WONO Country: Team in Russia and USA, incorporated in Malta


Starts: 30 July 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: TFT Country: GERMANY
Miner Edge

World's Largest Crowd-funded Crypto Currency Techno Mining Operation

Starts: 14 August 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: MET Country: Belarus
Big Data Block
Big Data, Data, Analytics

The Democratization of Big Data. Making Big Data Accessible, Affordable and Secure for Everyone thru the Power of Blockchain Technology.

Starts: October 1, 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: BDB Country: United States
CoVEX Platform

CoVEX is all in one digital trading Platform

Starts: 07 July 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: CoVEX Country: United Kingdom


What is upcoming ICO?

Upcoming ICO (also called upcoming coin or upcoming cryptocurrency) is a phase of the initial coin offering token sale where investors are not able to invest in the projects.

Typically in this phase, ICOs are announced and promoted via press releases, cryptocurrency forums, ICO platforms etcetera so that the teams can build up a community and get traction for their project before the main sale of the upcoming token.

What is whitelist ICO?

A whitelist ICO means that you have to signup in advance to participate in the token sale. In other words smart contract that dictates the distribution of the coins will only allow "whitelisted" person to participate and be allowed to receive tokens.

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