Discover the best Pre-ICOs

From this ICO presale list, you find the best pre-ICO to invest in. Presale ICOs allows investors to buy tokens before the main sale begins which means that the tokens are bought with hefty (even 50%) discount. ICO presale usually has multiple phases which means that the closer we go to the main token sale the lower discount get's.


An open and decentralized platform for video broadcast and remote consultations markets

Ends: 11 April 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: ONL Country: United Kingdom
Artificial Intelligence

The applied technology of AI and blockchain to work together via the smart FIC application.

Ends: 30 April 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: FIC Country: Thailand
Lendingblock ICO

Lendingblock is a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer borrowing and lending of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Ends: 30 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: ERC-20 compliant Token: LND Country: United Kingdom
Assets/real estate

The Guaranteed Cryptocurrency at the emission

Ends: 31 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: DOC Country: Dubai


Ends: 15 June 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: BTNT Country: United Kingdom
Deedcoin ICO
Real Estate

Deedcoin uses blockchain technology to tokenize and reduce real estate commissions down to 1% on the purchase or sale of any property

Ends: May 20, 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: ERC20 Token: Deed Country: United States
The 4th Pillar


Ends: 27.4.2018 – whitepaper
Platform: ETHEREUM Token: FOUR Country: Slovenia

Discover the best upcoming ICOs. The following token crowdsales will start soon. Watch this crytocurrency ICO list regularly to stay up to date with the most promising projects in the cryptoeconomics space.

Ends: 17 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: KNT Country: USA

Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) powers the Pangea Jurisdiction.

Ends: March 28 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Etherum Token: PAT Country: Switzerland


What is a pre ICO?

Pre ICO (also called ICO presale) is a phase which is run before the main token sale or crowdsale campaign. Pre-ICOs usually have lower fund-raising goals and have bigger minimum investment compared to the main sale. It is very common that tokens in the presale phase are sold with hefty (even 50%) discounts.

If a project runs pre-ICO it's very common that they run two different smart contracts for the presale and mainsale. Using this approach it is easier to track and avoid funds being mixed.

Pre-ICOs are being held for many reasons like to getting traction from big investors (tokens sold at discount) or for the expenses/marketing on launching the mainsale. These could be promotion/press releases or hiring strategic partners etcetera.

What is the advantage to participate ICO presale?

The main advantage in presale ICO is that ordinarily, you can participate even 40-50% cheaper compared to the official sale. Some projects might run couple different ICO presales and discount at each sale get's lower as we go more near the official mainsale.

Are there any disadvantages in pre-ICOs?

Probably the worst disadvantage of ICO presales is that investors that participated the pre-ICO phase can dump the tokens as soon as the project is listed on exchanges. In other words, they sell or at least have an option to sell as they have bought tokens much cheaper than investors that got in the mainsale. This means that they make solid profits while the project value starts dipping and hurting the investors which didn't get tokens with the discounted price.

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