Discover promising Upcoming ICOs

From this upcoming ICO list, you can find new upcoming cryptocurrencies. We update this list regularly so you can keep up with the most interesting upcoming coins to invest in. Start exploring our list below and discover the most promising Upcoming ICO 2018. If you find a potential project to take part in, remember to register their whitelist to be sure you have ability join to new ICOs!



Starts: 31 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: NEO Token: CGE Country: Vietnam

EpigenCare offers truly personalized skincare through a direct-to-consumer epigenetics test and matching their skin profile with the best suited products through a tokenized ecosystem.

Starts: 16 April 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: EPIC Country: USA

PAYSURA is providing the International PayReward Coin (IPC) in order to create a worldwide uniform reward system that applies the advantages of the Blockchain Technology.

Starts: 3 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: IPC Country: Germany
Management systems

Gluon's platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and businesses can monitor, track, tune, and diagnose the issues on them.

Starts: 21 February 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Stratis Token: GLU Country: USA

CoinPlace is multi-currency P2P market. Here one can buy and exchange any cryptocurrencies or tokens into fiat money.

Starts: 20 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: CPL Country: Russia

Medicalchain is a decentralized platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of medical data.

Starts: TBA – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: MedToken Country: UK
DataBroker DAO

DataBroker DAO is a decentralised marketplace for IoT sensor data enabling sensor owners to turn generated data into revenue streams.

Starts: 26 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: DATA Country: Belgium

Invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and index funds with one account, one wallet, and one COIN.

Starts: 9 March 2018 – whitepaper
Platform: Ethereum Token: COIN Country: USA


What is upcoming ICO?

Upcoming ICO (also called upcoming coin or upcoming cryptocurrency) is a phase of the initial coin offering token sale where investors are not able to invest in the projects.

Typically in this phase, ICOs are announced and promoted via press releases, cryptocurrency forums, ICO platforms etcetera so that the teams can build up a community and get traction for their project before the main sale of the upcoming token.

What is whitelist ICO?

A whitelist ICO means that you have to signup in advance to participate in the token sale. In other words smart contract that dictates the distribution of the coins will only allow "whitelisted" person to participate and be allowed to receive tokens.

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